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I help people overcome social anxiety, loneliness, and depression and connect deeply with themselves and the world. Have more confidence, true confidence, meet new people, make new friends, new carrier, have peace of mind, trust the process, out of their head and into the moment. Thrive and follow your inner promptings and follow your heart desires.


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What I do

I help people have profound insights. We are not going to the past to analyze, or to your childhood. I am much more focused on the now and help you have many shifts in consciousness. This is personal coaching, so anything personal for you will probably shift, and you will feel lighter and more hopeful. If you want to get rid of busy mind thinking and have a spa for the soul, then you have come to the right place. You will become a better listener, and be in the moment more. 






Jeg har hatt gleden av å ha jevnlige samtaler med Michael i de siste 6 måneder. Samtaler som har gitt rom og næring til økt ro og ikke-dømmende tilstedeværelse. Samtidig har samtalene åpnet for nye innsikter om hvordan vi mennesker faktisk fungerer. Innsikter som fører til endring. Anbefaler Michael på det varmeste for alle som har lyst på endring.

Nina Møyner Lund

Leder i bank

Jeg var aldri i tvil om at jeg skulle velge Michael som mentor, og det har jeg heller aldri angret på. Han har en spesiell evne til å få meg til å slappe av, han treffer spikeren på hodet gang på gang og han har en unik teft på både mine utfordringer og potensialet i meg og min bedrift.

Maiken Sneeggen

MediYogaterapeut og -lærer, fysioterapeut og Lærer MediYoga Kidz, DypIndreRo




I have one on one programs either we meet on zoom or we meet live here in Oslo. Sometimes I travel, and I update my travel plan here.

The true You group workshop 

I also have a group program for 10-15 people. It’s a life catalyst program, where I have a subject every time we meet. It’s a FB group to get resources and info from me. Its more like a workshop format where I open it up for the group after I share my subject. Investment and pricing are 4800,- NOK (approx 520 dollars).

Subjects: The human potential. Being vulnerable and visible. The role of thought and our spiritual nature. Freestanding confidence and ok ness. Listening and connecting. Limiting thoughts. Our genius and our true nature. Wildness and freedom. Perception and state of mind. Fear and anxiety.

Format: 9 zoom meetings in the evening. Mid-July and mid-august are free.  We start in June. Fb group with resources and you can communicate with each other for sharing and I will comment there. I come back with the dates.


Michaels life prosperity school for coaches, guides, mentors, entrepreneurs, and individuals, that want to take that steps in life beyond their current conditions and closer to their dream life.

love the process of serving people, and personal development journey for yourself, and living your best life. This is about being comfortable at being uncomfortable. Learning deeper about the human experience. See your true nature and live from your intuitive mind and effortless. Have what you want in life and become really good at connecting with others. Become anxiety and depression free. See the self-love and love expression that you really are. Live more free from having judgment, and live more openly to the world and others. Live beyond your limiting beliefs.

We meet Wednesday evening for 1-2 hours, Thursday afternoon from 4 pm -8.30 pm Friday afternoon from 4 pm – 8.30 pm, rest of the weekend off from September 2022 – march 2023

Small group twice a month. Webinars from people in my network once a month. Your investment is 3200 dollars or (32.000 NOK)  Application starts now and I will soon put out the dates. Please email me for application at  (it’s possible to divide the payment up).


A year-long coaching program with me for entrepreneurs and leaders, and mentors. 

If you want to have a bigger impact in the world and live beyond your limiting beliefs more of the time and have one of the best experiences in your life and your personal development, this is the journey for you. You have big dreams for yourself personally and professionally and this is going to be the best decision you ever made. 

We meet for every second week’s sessions. Two, 4 days intensive at your hotel, my office at Spaces, or somewhere else. Once we start, and once at the end of the year. You will get resources for your development between sessions. Hotel, travel, and food are at your expense. Sessions are on zoom video. Intensives can be done on zoom or live (preferably).

Total investment is 15000 dollars or 150.000,- NOK. 

Become social anxiety-free and meet new people with certainty and confidence

It is both a zoom workshop and a live workshop here in Oslo, but I can set it up anywhere in the world. My office is on Spaces so I usually book a meeting room there

9 meetings on zoom or live. You get a FB community, resources, and one coaching session with me outside the 9 meetings. It’s a 4-month program. Email me to let me know if you want it on zoom or live. Your investment is 6200,- NOK (approx 665 dollars)

If you have a lot of anxiety in general this is the program for you. You want more ease, peace of mind around people, think clearly, and lose yourself to the moment. Learn about your true nature and who you really are.

















Within my expertise 

Who I take in

People who want to tap into their innate mental health. Are you bored a lot, depressed, burned out, stressed, have anxiety, suicide thoughts, lonely, low self-esteem, troubling thoughts, procrastinate, find it difficult to find purpose, trauma, etc ask me I can probably help 



The standard program is 6 months to a year. It includes intensives where we hang together for a couple of days. Sometimes I meet people on zoom because I meet people from all over the world. If you can, let’s meet face to face. I am traveling too sometimes. This understanding I am teaching aims to give you a robust understanding of life. Typically a session is between 60-90 minutes long. Sometimes 2 hours. 




Speaking engagements

Contact me for your next speaking engagement. Email: 


Etablerer gruppen, GründerGeni, Elite Helse, Me&I International, Hedmark Hypnoterapi, Scandic Hotels, Saga Hotels, er blant noen av bedriftene jeg har holdt foredrag for.

Alle mine foredrag er skreddersydd for publikumet. Ta kontakt med meg for et uforpliktende tilbud. For veldedige organisasjoner tar jeg halv pris.