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Every person I work with is unique and everything I do is based on my commitment to your growth and to awaken your inner genius because you are the masterpiece of your own life. That’s why no one conversation or program I have is the same, but it’s always created within a container of honesty and love so that you can be empowered to create everything you want. 
I don’t please, I serve. Regardless of your current level of success, I can guide you to greater heights.​



This program is for the coach or entrepreneur who is highly committed and wants to create extraordinary things in their business and life in a short period.We get together for two days in my studio in Oslo. 3 sessions before that and two sessions after the two days to maximize our time together and make sure to get your momentum going. We do this over a 1-2 month period.


This program is for the coach or entrepreneur who is highly committed and wants to create extraordinary things in their business and their lives over a year-long period. Some of my clients have been working with me for several years and one for almost 10 years already.
If you want to make a serious commitment and create a lot of momentum, this program is for you. This is one of my favorite programs although I love all my programs


True You Prosperous Coach School​

My school is one of the best in the world. I teach coaches how to prosper with their coaching business, so they can create more impact in a sustainable way.
By working as a coach for almost a decade now and coming from the world of corporate sales where I worked for 14 years before I became a coach in 2014, I built a lot of experience and success stories with people that I now use to help coaches become prosperous.
This school is a unique representation of everything I learned from the best coaches in the world, from Steve Chandler and most of his books, to my continuous work with the successful coach Karen Davis, and my work with Pransky & Associates, Rohini & Angus Ross, and Ankush Jain by attending his AJC Coaching Career school myself.


Rewilding The Man

Men's group will be a 3 month dive for the gentleman. This idea came when I was attending Rewilding guide training myself with Rohini Ross last year. 
My vision is to help the Man to become the best possible version of himself and at the same time live his best life. I do this by balancing the masculine and feminine and help the man to be strong, attractive, and caring. To learn the language of the heart deeper. To be ok with peace of mind. To canalize your power as a man. To listen deeply. Build people up. Trust others. Not be overwhelmed with projects. To be a high-performing ambitious and caring man. The best possible human being you can be. We ended up in a retreat for 6 days in Lisbon or Algarve cost. I have my mens immersion every spring and autumn. Next one is in march. Apply now.


About Michael

Michael is a Transformative coach, and author of the book Bli. He started his practice in 2014 and has been doing one and one coaching programs and groups for over 9 years. What s special about Michael is not all the schools or where he trained, but his ability to go deep and at the same time help people have more fun and become truly present in life. He loves working out, crossfit, yoga, surfing, and travelling. He had training from Pransky & Associates, and Rewilding Guide @therewilders.org, amongst others. Now he runs True You Prosperous Coach, a school for coaches, whose desire is to create a sustainable career as a coach. If you wan to laugh more, go deep, and at the same time create your life and practice with ease, this is the go to person.

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