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Conversation that transforms. I help anyone that needs to improve their personal world, and have more ease, freedom, fulfilment, and joy. Live freely and become stress free, that gives you much better life and a much better business.  Book a free 60 minutes consultation call with me: You could also hit me up on messenger.

You want to start up as a transformational life and biz coach, hit me up on messenger, and I show you a link to a Facebook group that will get you started. Its a free group and its filled with tons of content that will help you live the life and having your dream biz you are excited about.


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Who I am and who I work with

I am Michael 41 years old and I live in Oslo, Norway. I use to travel a lot before the pandemic, and looking forward to start with that again soon. My passion is to help people live freely, on their own terms, and help them achieve their best state of mind with a combination cocktail of freedom, joy, absence of worry, abundance and prosperity. To have mental health, and live a not so serious life. I help people gain insights in taking care of themselves again, thrive, and help especially entrepreneurs, biz people, and busy people to become more creative, healthy, and live freely. That again give them that feeling of security, joy, and as much clients as they need to support themselves.

Me, myself, grew up in Asker, and adopted at year 5 in my life. I was always into writing, and starting with my own magazines when I was 10 already. Typically, I would run up the streets from a very young age naked, and wouldn’t care if it was summer or winter. I was spiritual and pretty lively as a person already from a young age.

Today I love the healthy lifestyle, but also sometimes the «unhealthy». I do work out a lot, like crossfit, and sometimes yoga. When I am in a surf place (long time ago and I miss it), like Lisboa or Bali, San Diego, LA) I prefer to surf in the morning and going to the gym or yoga in the afternoon. I dont live with a restricted mindset, so I am living what I am preaching, and I dont belive in radical set of thinking when it comes to food, excercise or whatever you think its going to make you happier. I believe we can have it all and live freely, happy, and have everything we want. Thats why I created some distinctions you can read about in the ebook and wherever you find content I made. Be serious, or live not so serious life. Take responsibility, or be a victim. Be relaxed or be busy. Thats why I call it busy people, because busy people dont know how they can achieve everything with a quiet mind. How to become more creative and productive when you are not having a busy mind.

The reason why I am so passionate about people living freely from a state of mind, is that I am so grateful that I reached that place myself. I am not nearly finished having insights around it, but I am in a very healthy satisfying. state of mind in general, and very grateful for that. I do have my up and downs like anyone else, but I am very happy about what I have seen around this. If you also want this in your life and be happy and free, download my ebook: «My personal transformational journey».  I want to use that gift and help people in general, biz people, busy people, and entrepreneurs with this. I know it gives amazing results in their lifes and in their businesses.





Jeg har hatt gleden av å ha jevnlige samtaler med Michael i de siste 6 måneder. Samtaler som har gitt rom og næring til økt ro og ikke-dømmende tilstedeværelse. Samtidig har samtalene åpnet for nye innsikter om hvordan vi mennesker faktisk fungerer. Innsikter som fører til endring. Anbefaler Michael på det varmeste for alle som har lyst på endring.

Nina Møyner Lund

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Jeg var aldri i tvil om at jeg skulle velge Michael som mentor, og det har jeg heller aldri angret på. Han har en spesiell evne til å få meg til å slappe av, han treffer spikeren på hodet gang på gang og han har en unik teft på både mine utfordringer og potensialet i meg og min bedrift.

Maiken Sneeggen

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As a transformational life and biz coach, I help people with anything relating to their personal world or business. It could be insecurity, social anxiety, connection with people, finding more of that unique wisdom that only you have, find more peace and have consistently more a quiet mind, get deeper relationships with people, be comfortable in your own skin, thrive, let go of loneliness and boredom, think clearer in general, lose stress, get more productive, find your self love, be more in the moment, get over things quicker, be less self-conscious, get more confidence and ease, and totally have a continuous mental freedom that will help you in your biz and in your life. 

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Who I work with

As a transformational life and biz coach, I help busy people, biz people, entrepreneurs to live freely, and get in a continuous state of mind of not worrying and a create a life and biz from that «not – worrying» place within themselves. Which leads to great mental freedom, that Leeds to great results and joy in their lives and in their biz. Dont hesitate to contact me if you have anything related to your personal world, that stresses you out, or feel anxious about something. Book your free 60 minutes consultation call with me. 



Typically we meet over 6-12 months together over zoom or phone. We can meet in person as well, but I have been doing this over zoom/skype for almost 8 years now. I have very good results with it. I meet you every second week and you will get resources and materials that you can watch and learn, video lessons, writing in between sessions. 




Speaking engagements 

Contact me for your next speaking engagement. Lets talk about it and I will make my talk as relevant as possible. Email: 


Etablerer gruppen, GründerGeni, Elite Helse, Me&I International, Hedmark Hypnoterapi, Scandic Hotels, Saga Hotels, er blant noen av bedriftene jeg har holdt foredrag for.

Alle mine foredrag er skreddersydd for publikumet. Ta kontakt med meg for et uforpliktende tilbud. For veldedige organisasjoner tar jeg halv pris.