Building relationships is a crucial ingredient in building your practice

La andre få vite om dette

Building relationships with people is crucial in creating your practice as a coach. We can do that anywhere: in the gym, at a dance course, when buying groceries, or out taking a beer or coffee with someone. My favorite places are traveling and CrossFit. I traveled to Asia for three months this winter and met many backpackers and digital nomads. I never look for clients; I am looking for genuine connections with people.

Certainty means I can offer them my help or suggest something else for them.
I usually ask people who travel for their Instagram so we can stay connected. Sometimes, I go to networking events. I listen a lot, and I am curious. I tell people a little bit about myself. I have a beer and enjoy myself. For example, in the Philippines, I went to Siargao Digital Nomads.

When I connect with people and have a good conversation, I listen to their challenges. I might say I can help them with that. “Would you like some help with that?”
Energetically, I am at service. I have no agenda; this is important. When I listen to their challenges and hear that I can be of help, I let them know that. If they don’t know, I usually say I am a business and life coach.

Then, I ask them if they would like a complementary experience with me where the conversation is slightly different. I will block time in my calendar for 1-2 hours to coach them. I ask them if they can bring up their calendar so we can agree on a time. I give them homework before we meet for the first session and also create an agreement with them.

I want you to think about every person you met in your work life before you became a coach and start writing down some names. Before you know it, you have 100 people to contact. Maybe there are some people at your gym who would love to experience your coaching. Maybe it is an acquaintance of yours you met randomly, and you can send them a nice message.

La andre få vite om dette
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