The importance of being consistent in anything

La andre få vite om dette


It’s so important to be consistent. Yesterday, I spoke with my coach, Karen Davis, about everything we will be working on in her accelerator. I can’t wait.

For me, consistency means doing something every week that is crucial for your health or your business. I was looking into an area where I do things anyway: CrossFit. I train 5-6 days a week, except if I am sick or spend a lot of time at an airport and cannot find a gym.

Consistency is vital for an entrepreneur’s business. Recently, I have been discussing the value of understanding nonlinear productivity with the men in my men’s group. We can have effortless consistency, sometimes with a little effort. If I am judging my feelings now, I won’t have consistency. For example, I’m not feeling up for going to CrossFit today. I go anyway because I know there is something to learn about my mind when the moment comes. In my experience, my highly conscious mind constantly shifts to my favor. I either learn something from it or get peace of mind, especially after an exercise.

I consistently speak with 10-16 people a week about coaching. Setting aside time for client work is essential, but it is also important to be present while doing it. There was a period when I was only doing one thing in my business. It was an important thing that would generate revenue for my business.

I realized I was not as alive in my business as I wanted to be. I saw that I had to go back to the drawing board again. I need to get into the game again and pay attention to what is essential. We can be very creative when it comes to our coaching practice. However, it is vital to be conscious of the following: Am I on track with where I am going?

With no exception, I meet 10-16 people every week; the difference is that I am also creating blog posts, I will soon be making videos for my school, and I can also do other creative work like three FB lives for my upcoming school, True You. The point is getting into the game so it feels like Love again. And by the way, Love is loving something even when we don’t love it. Sometimes, it’s natural not to love the sides of our business. Most of the time, I love my business. I am passionate about being a professional coach and entrepreneur. I love creating and am excited about helping people become their best version and live their best lives.

We can pay attention to the fluid nature of what is going inside or be consistent. Make space for the things you want in life. Be clear about your commitment and sure of what you want.

I look forward to the accelerator with Karen on Monday and Tuesday next week. Next weekend, I will also attend Devon Bandison’s The Game Changer in Denver, where Karen Davis and Alex Mill will join me.

La andre få vite om dette
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