La andre få vite om dette

In a recent transformative conversation with my coach, Karen Davis, a revelation has significantly reshaped my mindset. The realization that my discipline knows no bounds became evident, sparking a positive shift in my commitment to my coaching business and overall productivity. This newfound understanding emerged from a document process we initiated in Colorado last October, sincerely forgiving my judgments and recreating a new way of being for me.

Previously, I believed that my peak productivity was confined to my apartment in Oslo. However, Karen’s guidance and my new revelation shattered this limitation. Now, armed with the knowledge that I can thrive anywhere. I’ve embraced a disciplined approach that transcends physical boundaries. This acknowledgment was not only a personal triumph but a testament to the expertise of my coach, a true maestro in fostering a flexible mindset.

During our third session this year, I expressed my gratitude to Karen, acknowledging her as a “flexible mindset coach.” This designation is a compliment and a recognition of her world-class professionalism and unwavering support. Karen has proven an outstanding ally, delving into discussions about power and leveraging her expertise to bring out my best.

In the realm of coaching, a flexible mindset is paramount. Karen’s ability to truly see and bring forth the most powerful version of an individual is a skill I aim to emulate in my coaching endeavors. Nonlinear productivity, a concept deeply intertwined with a flexible mindset, will be a cornerstone of my teachings in my next upcoming school for coaches.

Drawing a parallel to yoga, where the body’s flexibility follows the mind’s lead. I see coaching as a means to expand the mind. Through Karen’s guidance, I’ve overcome limiting beliefs that confined my productivity to Oslo. As Karen emphasized, discipline remains consistent regardless of location, which is evident in my commitment to CrossFit and other entrepreneurial pursuits.

I am now more laser-focused and content, armed with the belief that I can achieve anything. This transformative session has sculpted a different version of myself, free from self-imposed limitations. Grateful for Karen’s influence, I recognize that coaching can elevate the mind and open doors to limitless possibilities. Thank you, Karen, for bringing out the best in me.

La andre få vite om dette
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