Creating momentum

La andre få vite om dette

I just want to explore how to create momentum with you..

Last few days, I have been thinking about getting the momentum going, and I realised that I have to sometimes put in a little discipline to actually get the ball rolling. Instead of waiting for a feeling to get started. It is actually a bad business model to wait for the feeling, because the feeling of momentum is showing up usually when we start. So when it comes to automatic writing, its the same thing. You start writing. Even just for 5 minutes. Small goals instead of getting ahead of yourself. Small goals instead of thinking, we have to do everything and get overwhelmed by that. So if I can write for 5 minutes like I am now, I can already feel my fingers are just writing.

Another reflection I had is about motivation. That we have an idea that we somehow have to wait for the motivation to come before we start something. Like exercise or like writing for example. But motivation is actually just a thought, and it is coming from within us. Its coming and going, when we understand a little bit about the role of thought. Motivation is best described as a concept, because it is a feeling of just doing something. I am not talking about motivating someone for a certain price, gain, bonus, achieving something. I am talking about an inner motivation. It is coming from inside of us when we have no thought. When we dont care, and when we are fully present.

I have had some issues with motivation, when I have been watching series on tv2play instead of creating something. It is much easier to follow that kind of feeling, that is the easy way out, but there are no personal development in avoiding the resistance. We need that break sometimes, to fuel up, but if we already are fully fuelled and resisting creating something, then in my mind, we dont learn. What I mean by being fuelled up is having enough rest for the soul. Noticing I am in standing in my own way of creating. Thats not who I am. Just a reflection.

Being motivated is coming from within us, its actually a default setting, like hope is. We have to have a lot of thoughts in the moment to not be feeling motivated.

Three reflection points on creating momentum:

First of all we need to move it forward and get started. Once the ball is rolling, then you are on track, but the point is to get the ball rolling.

Accept that we are fully functioning life force that is coming from within us. We are alive, and we want to meet people and create from that aliveness. We are the momentum and the aliveness.

Creating and start something without thinking about the outcome. The goal is kind of the doing. If you want to exercise, you exercise, but you follow your body and heart instead of your mind. Maybe a good combination. If you want to write an article, just write something and write for 5 minutes everyday. See what happens. If you want to have conversations with people, start having conversations with people. Not with the end in mind.

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La andre få vite om dette
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