Do you get anxious?

La andre få vite om dette

Do anxiety and hiking go together? In my experience yes. Are you having a lot of anxiety, I would take care of myself and not go. It really depends on the person. Take self honouring choices and take care of yourself. It’s not a good idea to pressure ourselves. Nothing good comes out of that.

Its just a lovely experience to see how limiting beliefs about myself is dissolving more and more these days. I took a run today for one hour towards Nydalen and maridalsvannet and I feel so free not thinking about anything. It was just a spontaneous run. I didnt think I would run today actually, still resting a bit from my birthday party last Saturday. But I did, and it was good for my body and soul. 

I was unattached to outcomes, like how long should I run, whether should I bring water with me, and so on. Next time I do the whole round in Maridalsvannet. 

Earlier in my life I had some anxiety around heights, cliffs, and being alone in the outdoors. Now, I see that I am not thinking that much about it. My experience around this has changed as my beliefs around this is changing. 

I went to the 7 hanging cliffs to Benagil in Algarve coast of Portugal in June this year with a group from the hostel and another group. We walked for over 4 hours and ended the great day with some tapas that the guide brought, and some nice wine. During this experience I could sometimes feel that I was thinking about the cliffs closing in while walking to the edge, but it was so high up there. I was not the only one who could feel my body’s rush. My old thinking would probably be a little anxious about this,  

Looking back, I am so grateful for that experience and the new friends I got on the trip. Met two norwegian girls actually from north of Norway, on the trip who I went out with after. I was really letting my heart lead the way when I signed up for this trip. I kind of knew in advance its going to be great, but didnt know what to expect. I also knew I might have some anxiety along the way, but I almost didnt actually. My ego mind was not so present. 

It was present a few times only, when I was on the edge of the cliffs, but apart from that I didnt construct so many scary thoughts. 

In the past I would scare myself much more on a journey like this. I can see things has evolved and that I even want to make more trips like this. Even with the kitesurfing, I might just let my heart lead, and join surfing camps again. I have been scaring myself with the kite in the past as well. I am a decent kiter, just my mindset around it with late night and partying with the community, didnt give me the best start in the morning. Would make me feel a little bit anxious. Now I am ready to rewild kitesurfing again, and have a new experience with it.

La andre få vite om dette
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