Do you feel overwhelmed? Maybe it is time to slow down.

La andre få vite om dette

One thing I noticed when people want to reach their goals is that they don’t slow down sometimes. If we don’t slow down, we won’t reach the divine moment of creativity. We won’t be creative. Having too much on our minds won’t help our creativity.

Do you want that next project done in time? Slow down. You want to reach out to people as a coach in a good way; slow down. Slowing down is the answer to most things. Easy to forget. Many people don’t know how to slow down. The next client, the next idea, the next genius is in the land of slowing down.

Another way of saying this is that we need space to think. If we are too much in the future, we can’t think. If you are working with clients, think of one client. If you are working with businesses, think of one business. Work with the person in front of you. Be creative. Be playful. Forget about the rest. Forget about the outcome. Serve the person in front of you. The same goes for writing. If you want to write, write. Its easier to write when we think of one story. More stories will come to mind when we start writing. The creative force will take over. It is like we are not doing the writing.

Slow down if you like to earn more money as an entrepreneur and a coach. You want to reach out to more people and get those conversations. Slow down. I have an excellent resource for slowing down. Like this post on FB, or send me an email, and I send it.

La andre få vite om dette
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