Why it is important to fall in love with what you do

La andre få vite om dette

After listening and reading about money recently amongst the authors Michael Neill, I thought it was time for me to write about love. Its time to have that conversation and make an article about it. The first point I want to make is.”Its easier to fall in love in what you do than you think”.The second point is. its crucial to come from love when we want to create something. The third point is, the importance of being in genuin service.

A quiet mind 

I was trying to write something last night about money (Saturday evening), and I wrote paragraphs that will revisit later that can become good articles (who knows), but now its like my creativity is just flowing. Its not even me writing. its Me writing. Its like my mind is more quiet now and it just flows by itself. When that said, I want to produce something about money and the love of service, either in an online course, or articles. Lets see what happens. Money made fun and love of service are very connected in acquiring money.

I will try to explain why it is important to fall in love with what you do. The first thing I want to say is that its not about what you do, its about the feeling you have or the state of mind you are in. The state of mind is changing by itself, but our natural state of mind is love, kindness, ease, peace of mind, effortless flow. It is a crucial foundation point coming in now to understand the rest. Its impossible to feel the task at hand, its only possible to feel our thinking in the moment. So it is just me judging the thing I am working with. With the judgement gone, you will feel love.

My biases, my conditioning, my judgments, and in addition to that my inner criticism, is in the way of me feeling love and compassion right now. My biases, conditioning, judgments are all just made out of thoughts in the moment. If I buy into them, I will feel whatever I am thinking. The key here is to see that thoughts are transient, so we dont have to do anything when our moods are low. We just have to notice when we are not in the feeling of hope or love.

Thats why its so important to take breaks. Its a lot of research studies that support having breaks as very positive for the productivity and the feeling of fulfillment in a workplace. Thousands of studies back this, so its not only me saying this. For me is just common sense. For you as well I bet. So now that you learned something about your own mind, that thoughts are transient, we dont have to do anything about them, or judge / buy into them, when they are negative, its going to make a difference understanding the role of thought. The most important thing is to understand that our true essence is love. Its difficult to understand this when we see the state of the world right now, which isn’t very good. I am talking about the situation in Ukraina of course.

Its crucial to come from love when we want to create something 

This is the second point. It is important to know how my feeling state is when I am writing, going live, filming, talking to a potential client. Basically when I am creating. Am I creating from a place of that I need something? Or is it pure effortless flow, because I love what I do in the moment? Is this my true nature writing, or is it my ego? I actually have a fb live recording about this on my personal page on fb. I am in this because I genuinely are about people, or am in this because I just need a job.

So when we are feeling love, it doesn’t matter what we do 

I am going to let you in on a secret. People can feel if you really love what you do. So in any service you provide, are you really loving what you do? Are you in this for yourself, or are you genuin interested in making a difference for people. If you are not, thats ok too. Then I would just get a job, if you are not passionate about your business. Still in a job, its important to fall in love with what you do. So you see where your experience is coming from. The experience of life is coming from within us, so when we are feeling love, it doesn’t matter what we do.

When people are reading your article, they will feel if it resonates with them. If it is something that is you coming from you writing about it, or if you care about it. This is really important for me to notice, to notice where I am coming from. Sure, sometimes, I will come from the ego a littlebit, but if its to much I dont post the article. I am just human. I just love to give value to people, and if this can help them, then great. I have a mission and I am in this for a different reason. Money will always come to those of genuin service. I will explain this in a different article, more in depth.

Many many breadcrumbs of value everywhere for people to find 

Its important to be transparent. Transparency communicates trust.

I want to make many small breadcrumbs of articles, podcast episodes, books, videos, etc so people can find the message they need in order to have more mental health, or in order to learn more about how the mind works. To find their true nature and find self love and compassion more in their lives.

I guess I covered the importance of being in genuin service, over here, but most of all the feeling you are creating within yourselves. When you are being in service, you are so absolutely in your true nature. People can feel when you genuinely care about them, and want to make a difference for them. When we connect with people on this leve, they often ask what more we can do for them. Thats when you can talk about what you offer, but I wouldn’t use this as a strategy. Just be genuinely in service for people and love creating products that will make that difference only you can make for them. Thats make you unique. The spirit is what makes us unique in the marketplace, not the niche. You can have the niche, but if you dont have You in the equation it doesn’t work. Your spirit, your soul, your taste, your way, and your caring for the thing you are doing. Thats what sells. And it has to come from a genuin place not having an agenda.

Like me I have fallen in love with Crossfit, but that doesn’t mean its not hard sometimes. Having a relationship to something, doesn’t mean its a steady love. You have to love the hard times too. Its like having a relationship to someone, its not great all the time, it goes up and down, but we do love the relationship. We can have the same relationship with money.




La andre få vite om dette
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