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La andre få vite om dette

This weeks blogging is all about how the big guru names are thinking when they blog like Jeff Walker, Marie Forleo and Brendon Burchard. I am still blogging about the framework around the 8 habits of highly successful infopreneurs that crush it. This is very exciting to me and it came a bright light when I listened to Brendons coaching call the other day.

How does the big guru names add value into their blogs?
In addtition to the methodology of what you teach, you should always consider having some mindset behind a framework you work on or in a blog. What I mean is that, the framework shouldnt always be about how to do things. It should also be about how these top performers think when they execute it, or teach a certain mindset of the stuff you are teaching.

Be generous about your knowledge and wisdom. So many bloggers only want to teach away the methodology when they also should be teaching how to think about it strategically in their mind, and how to gain that mindset they are talking bout. If you manage to mix the mindset with the methodology in every framework you make, you will attract more clients to your framework than you would without.

Its all about being unique of course. I couldn’t drive your blog, as you couldn’t drive mine. If you are not into personal development thats fine, just talk about the mindset behind what you are teaching. Isn’t that great? If you are following my blog, you are probably into personal development. Or you just like my stuff. You should always seek to give the best of you to your audience.

If you wondering about the picture above, its last chance today to enroll to Marie Forleo´s B-school today if you didn’t know. She is one of my sources of inspiration and this picture is so cool! Her b-school enrollment:

I am not saying that the mindset is more important than the methodology but I will say that it should be a big part of your framework. You could always put some personal stuff into your blog to and mix that up with personal development. That will work.
What do you think? So what, have I been talking about here? You really should put into some of the how to information for people to learn something that will change their lives. You should also put something that will give them the mental edge if you will, to put them from A to B much faster. Tell me, what has been working for you? Please comment under

La andre få vite om dette
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