How to price your products and services

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This article is very short and sweet, and its about a question I get many times from coaches especially; How to price my services? How much should I take for my products and services? Notice the word “should” here. How do I price my products if I am scaling up my business? Am I suppose to calculate my prices according to my overall financial goals?

Probably you will find some answers to these questions on google, but it is for me a common answer to this.

You want to set a price that you dont have to think about. It can be something you calculate in order to try to reach your overall financial goals, but it doesn’t make sense spirituality to do that. This wouldn’t make sense to the receiver of the prices either, because they need to feel  this is making a difference for them. That this is valuable. So if you set a price that you dont have any thinking about, then you are doing great. If you are not thinking about the price, they won’t either. If you are talking about your worth, thats a whole different thing. Your worth as a human being is endless, and has nothing to do with business or pricing your programmes. I hear often people say, I am taking what I am worth”. People doesn’t care about what you think about your worthineess. They care if the product or service is valuable to them. Hopefully you have been giving value to them long before they find you. Or at least they know what you stand for a little bit, and know who you are about.

So how to set the price, is a much different exercise. Its like feeling the temperature. If you dont think have to much thinking about it, the price will all of the sudden show up. If you ask me, we dont want to be calculating and being to much up in our heads about prices. Or about anything really. We dont want to be fixed in our thinking about or business. We want to be in service, and be on the same page as the client.

To be too fixed is to follow ideas in your mind about pricing. Instead of looking at the person in front of you. If you are just starting out as a coach, I would just focus on making it easy for people to work with you. If you are an intermediate coach, I would put a price that you dont have to think about. That will give you that strong sense of purpose, and look forward to show up with your client every time you met with them.

La andre få vite om dette
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