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hello everybody I just want to update you of many of the things I have been learning recently both from Brendon Burchard and Robin S.Sharma. I don’t know how much you know about me but I am a guy that blogs about personal development and creating a sales format that works for entrepreneurs that hates selling. I just love books and I love to learn new stuff about myself and serve others and improve their lives with my products and programs. So lets get right to it. I just want to wrap it up and I don’t know if you attended the webinar replay with Robin Sharma the other day about willpower and I am talking about this in this video right here.

I also bought his program Your Absolute Best Year Yet and its amazing knowledge in there that are just so profound. We often have to go back to the fundamentals to do those thoroughly in order to move forward and some of the essentials he reveals in his online course I will talk about in a moment.

At the same time I am blessed to be joining Brendon Burchards Programme Total Product Blueprint which is the best programme I have ever attended. The online course is packed with so much stuff that it might take me years to study it and yet it is so timeless what he teach. The next thing I am going to write about here is also inspired from the coaching calls I had with him and is a framework I call:

8 Habits of Highly Successful Infopreneurs that Crush it 

The title is of course inspired by Steven Covey and Marie Forleo also some of my role models today. I also finished the course 7 habits of highly effective people last year and it must be one of the best frameworks that are ever to be made. A bestseller since 1949 I think and it still is.

1.habit BLOCK TIME

I mention some of this in the video but not all of it. If you are reading this blog you are already a high performer and I want to honour you for being a hard worker to. There are so much interruptions today in our lives and we have hardly time for ourselves anymore. Easier said than done to block time but it is actually the only way to get things done more effectively. Do you want to know how Brendon Burchard finished his book The Millionaire Messenger in 16 days?

He blocked time of course! He would sit for hours and write and the only breaks he had was when he was sleeping, eating and exercising. I don’t recommend his way of writing a book because that guy is crazy in a good way of course, but I will invite you to be inspired by this and don’t do anything else in the time period you say you will work on something. Me for instance I am practicing everyday now on blocking time to not go to Facebook or instagram and not take the phone when it rings for the 2 hours I work at the time. Try it! It truly works and it will give you more energy. Why? Because we are multitasking all the time, when we should be single tasking. Smart people knows that single tasking is the best way to get things done in form of energy, spirituality, and prefrontal cortex. So, what is Michael talking about here? Prefrontal cortex?  Well, I am mentioning that to because Robin Sharma taught me a few important things on his webinar replay, that your willpower works like a muscle. You just train it and then it becomes stronger. In order to gain a stronger willpower you should be stimulating and expanding your Prefrontal Cortex which is the brain part that lies in the back of your forehead. Stimulation of this will give you the power back to take great decisions more often during the day.

The more decisions you take earlier in the day that are unimportant, the less willpower you will have to take the important decisions in the end of the day – Robin S. Sharma. 

Recap from Your Absolute Best Year Yet

So there are three ways to build your Prefrontal Cortex that you are going to love

1. Exercise 20 minutes each morning just after you wake up. This is the absolute first thing you do to stimulate and expand your Prefrontal Cortex.

2. An hour of meditation each day is going to make your Prefrontal Cortex bigger and this research is based on science! This is the secret to better decision making throughout the day.

3. Great sleep is so important for your concentration, your focus and for your happiness. If you want to know how to get great sleep? I am not an expert on this subject but your body is used to a certain routine. Studies is showing that a mixture of exercising, reading, and doing something new everyday will give you better sleep at night. Stay away from nicotine and sugar and don’t eat heavy food after 8 pm. Another thing that has been amplified in his webinar replay is that now the researcher in the field are saying that it takes 66 days to change a habit instead of 21.

In the Monk Who Sold his Ferrari Robin wrote 21, but the latest research says that it takes 66 days to create a new habit. So if you for instance want t learn how to wake up early, like 6 am every morning you have to actually wake up at 6 am every morning for 66 days.

I truly hope this blogpost was inspiring to you and I know my written english is far from perfect but I have been so eager to write to you guys again and do a video again that I just couldn’t wait. I am not going to send this article to someone who can wash it. What I am going to do instead is to improve my english everyday. Next week I will reveal to you the 2.habit – The habits of Do´ers and how you can become one if you are not one already. Or how you can improve on getting things done. Do´ers are the entrepreneurs that execute everything they plan for.

Please comment under her if any of this tactics will be working for you or if you have any questions related to this. As always I wish you the best, and I will talk to you soon. Michael


La andre få vite om dette
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