Its a hidden leadership in optimism

La andre få vite om dette

Correction; The optimists drive the world forward

How do I know this? I am an optimist. Many of my friends are. I had a lovely conversation today at the new gym in my area in Oslo with the center manager there where we discussed optimism and how important it is to have that in the culture. We need to drive optimism so it’s a good environment here”, she said. She was engaged and bright and basically said that leadership is from all of us at the center. Let’s do this together”. I said let’s do it”. I usually train at a Crossfit gym, so I am mostly there, but when I come back to that gym, I will definitely pick up the conversation with her.

We also talked about the mood of the people. If I enter a room I can certainly pick up if someone has a heavy mood. It is essential stuff in teaching and changing a business or an organization is to talk about mood and state of mind. At the gym, I can help by being myself and being the positive and optimistic me. When I am there.

We experience the world from the inside out 

The optimists have to be driving the world forward, or else there is no point. We don’t want to have a destructive and heavy world. The world starts from within us by the way, in case you haven’t noticed. We can have a bad picture of the state of the world, but it starts by seeing that having a bad impression of the world, is of our own making. It is changing as soon as we don’t focus on it so much. The heaviness I mean. It changes to positive hopeful feelings. Actually, that is our default setting is to be hopeful and optimistic. If you look at children they are the same way. The optimistic people coming from the heart are the ones that are the best leaders in a room. Especially if their reasoning is also wise. This is why it is a hidden leadership in optimism. We want to surround ourselves with optimistic people. Especially today after covid and with the war in the world.

What about realism, you ask. Well, that is really not so relevant in this article. Realism is only in the eye of the beholder anyway. Doesn’t help to be too realistic. Realisme is subjective. First of all, we don’t get much done like “stupid” people with great ideas do. I love “stupid” people like Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford, they all have something in common and that is optimism (almost in an arrogant way) and good old-fashioned stubbornness. They were geniuses because they didn’t know, but deep down they knew something. Every error was just another error closer to the solution.

La andre få vite om dette
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