Mens group 2023

La andre få vite om dette

This is a Powerful Mens immersion that goes over 3 months, and end up in beautiful Portugal most likely in Praia da Luz. Starts in august and ends in October.

Mens group 2023      

Who you are being, the human condition and learn about true freedom, true confidence and your enoughness. (That is the theme for the program). Are you a boyfriend (husband), coach, single, entrepreneur, son, man, brother, or an athlete, it is for you. Learn about the divine feminine as a man, and be ok with peace of mind, freedom, and love, as a natural state. 

-2 one and one sessions with me Michael (august)

-4 webinars with me Michael (dates to come, 3 webinars over September).

-Laser coaching 30 minutes with each member. Access to every recording in Fb group.

6 days retreat in Portugal (Lagos area)  maximum of 10 men + Michael.  Price: 2500 euro + travel, food, accommodation. Starts in august 2023. We end program with retreat in October. I find good plain tickets to Faro, for you to book. Can come before and stay after if you like.

People can live in airbnb, hostel, hotel, everything is close in that little charming town just by the beach. A WhatsApp group will be made to ensure you live around the same places. I been there several times and go back again this summer to find some great recommendations for us. You will also have time to enjoy your own company and I would take days off completely to not work. So you get most out of this retreat.

  • Two seminars a day.
  • Guestspeakers (broadcoasting with wifi in Portugal)
  • Crossfit with me (voluntary)
  • Plenty of things they offer there. Hiking, sup, yoga, etc
  • Beachday

I will book different restaurants for us each night. Lagos is close, so there are restaurant alternatives there as well.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get deep confidence. True confidence.
  • Trust your inner knowing and wisdom
  • Learn about effortless success.
  • Become a better leader in your life
  • Be vulnerable and being with your deeper feelings.
  • The true cause of wealth
  • Learn how to live free everywhere and be transparent with relationships
  • Have clarity in any aspect (fb laser).
  • Learn to love yourself
  • Learn about True You
  • Become a wiser person and entrepeneur
  • Learn about your quiet Mind
  • Learn about the divine feminine as a man. Balance is important.
  • Find your inner security.
  • Learn to live outside our limiting beliefs.


La andre få vite om dette
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