Rewilding The Man
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About the program

The Men’s group will be a 3-month dive for gentlemen. This concept emerged during my attendance at Rewilding guide training with Rohini Ross last year.

My vision is to assist men in becoming the best possible versions of themselves while living their best lives. This involves balancing the masculine and feminine, helping men become strong, attractive, and caring. The goal is to deepen the language of the heart, find peace of mind, channel inner power, listen deeply, uplift others, trust, avoid being overwhelmed with projects, and be a high-performing, ambitious, and caring individual—the best human being possible. The culmination of this journey is a 6-day retreat in Lisbon or the Algarve coast. I host men’s immersions every spring and autumn, with the next one scheduled for March. Apply now.

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What you’ll get in this retreat for Men

The first men’s group was a great success. We had the retreat in Lisbon in November. You can see the video is from Selina Secret Garden in Lisbon. I am currently looking for 8 more men to participate in the spring edition. If you are reading this and are interested in my doing this for women also, write to me, and I might as well do that. The FAQ here answers some practical questions. 

Dates for the spring retreat is coming soon. 10 spots, 8 taken. Contact me 

Men’s Group Program

Your investiment

$ 3.500

Michael Stenhagen

✅ 3 months long

✅ 6 days Retreat

✅ 3x 1-1 sessions

✅ 4 webinars

✅ 1 x 30min facebook laser session

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Powerful men’s group is for men who want to learn to live beyond their limiting beliefs and conditioning. Rewild your relationship, money, career, and the way you are living. You will learn how to make space for the things that are important, how to deal with overwhelm. Learn the perfect balance between our masculine and feminine energies. We have a business corner for entrepreneurs and coaches for 1 hour a day for 6 days in the retreat. You will never hold yourself back anymore and at the same time get a deeper understanding of how the mind works. You will learn to listen deeper, engage more, and become more present and connected with life. 

Most of the program will take place during zoom meetings for 90 minutes. The retreat will be in either Lisbon, Porto or Algarve somewhere. The retreat is for 6 full days. 

The price is 3500 dollars or 37.000,- NOK. 

Yes in the private FB group, for the spring edition, I will put out resources under the guide section. Audio files, videos, and books to read, and it will be fb laser sessions. Look also under files. 

An FB laser session is a coaching session where each participant will be coached on a specific topic for 30 minutes. The theme could be, how can I get a better relationship with myself? How to deal with overwhelming feelings. It is your question to make. It will be live-streamed directly into the private fb group. 

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