La andre få vite om dette

Hi again. Its time for me to write a new blogpost about life and business. It seems to me that I am on this new path now where I am discovering new stuff. New ideas and new way of doing things. It feels great and it gives me more clarity.

A month ago I was pretty sure I was going to write my upcoming book in english and send a book proposal to Rick Frishman the biggest book publisher in the US. As I have been traveling I have discovered something. Is this something I feel like doing? You know this inner connection feeling when you want to do something because its joyful and pure? No, it wasn’t!

Before I started my travels to Aruba and San Diego I had all these ideas in my mind. I knew what to do. At least thats what I thought. For instance, I thought I was going to write every offer in english and I was doing everything in english from now on. So I translated my website to english and I started to blog in english. I also had an offer in english and I noticed something; Most of the people that are interested in my product right now are norwegians. Why don’t I make a product in norwegian first and then when I have enough subscribers from english speaking countries I can make a product for them?

So something shifted in me, and I discovered a whole new idea or vision if you like for my business. I started to see the cover of my book in norwegian because I was so inspired of these new thoughts. Now I know how my book will look like and I know that I will easily fill the book up with inspiring new authentic selling knowledge. I started to see that I can make two products. One in norwegian first and one in english. I also saw something inside me. Do I really need to start my speaking career with a big audience? No, I don’t. Then I saw something else, I want to start in the small with small workshops like 5-10 people in the class. Lets begin there. That thought came from a true place inside of me and I felt relieved and mostly true.

Is it you?
Sometimes we get caught in what is smart to do, and we try to copy other peoples system when we are not in contact with what we want to do. And thats what happened to me. I know that it will be 3 billion more people on the internet in the next 4 four years and I was thinking its smart for me to do everything in english. I can practise english and I can reach a bigger audience. Very smart. But that is just a rational smart thinking, but not really what I wanted to do. So I am making decisions from a different place now as we go. With new thoughts and my own system. Thank you to the norwegian group of the three principles that also have inspired me to write this blog. /Livskraft – tanker og bevissthet.

So how can this be useful to you?
Well, you will discover as you go that it is a lot of great business advices and strategies out there and most of them you will find going to seminars, but how can you apply them to your business? You are the only one that can answer that. The reason why some people succeed at something and other people don’t, its because they are the ones that are doing it. They are the ones that are applying their touch to the system and making it to their own. So when they learn a strategy that is working now, it doesn’t necessarily work next year. I guess new thoughts can help your business a lot.

So when you go into business with someone does it come from a place of inspiration or desperation? I learned this from Torill Andersen a norwegian coach. When you start listening to yourself instead of listening to everybody else, its going to make a huge difference for you personally and your business. We have so much distraction in our lives and so much people that have opinions about stuff, that you barely get the time for yourself. When that is said, you are the one that choose your thinking and your circumstances. If you are feeling bad right now, it all comes from your thinking and what is great now with this discovery you don’t have to take your thinking so seriously.

Right now I am living in this student hostel in San Diego and sometimes old thoughts hit my mind like “Why don’t they ask me to come to the beach with them – or: Why aren’t I more popular? That was me a couple of year ago, and I notice that those thought aren’t so important. I accept they are there, but I don’t care so much about them. So they leave. Thoughts like that doesn’t stay so long anymore. Thats great! Anyways, that is what I had for now and please leave a comment. I would love to hear your reflections on this.

La andre få vite om dette
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