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The school is entirely focused on serving people

True You Prosperous Coach School is one of the world’s leading schools in creating a sustainable and impactful coaching practice. What is so special in this school is not only the curriculum but everyone you will meet here from all over the world. You create relationships and friends for life with your peers and colleagues. 

One of the things I have observed to be effective in establishing connections with ease is cultivating enduring relationships. Learn how to connect without overtly promoting and genuinely care about individuals. Some of us naturally embody this approach. I encourage you to discover your genuine approach to interactions, and perhaps you’ve already found that. Being true to yourself signifies embracing your authentic self. When we express our genuine selves, we contribute positively to our business. Let’s aim for authenticity in all our communications.

Another distinctive aspect of this program is its emphasis on personal development—breaking through conditioned thinking and stepping into the light. Take action from the heart; it’s a prerequisite for participation. We encourage consistent engagement through our Facebook group, where I invite you to share and participate.

We also maintain a captain’s log to track our activities and sales. What we measure tends to get done. Frankly, sales are a numbers game, but the focus lies not just in sales work; building relationships and providing service take precedence. Having spent 12 years in sales before my transformative learning experience with Pransky & Associates, Eirik Olsen, and Steve Chandler in 2013/2014, I understand the shift from traditional selling to a more service-oriented approach. The emphasis is on serving first and determining what would best serve the person in front of you.

Throughout our six months together, I’ll be teaching the Prosperous Coach method. The curriculum includes mandatory monthly readings. 

Early enrollment offers access to a wealth of resources and pre-webinars starting in April 2024, running through August. These sessions, combined with active participation in the Facebook group, can provide a return on your investment before our official start in September. I’m committed to continuous learning, acknowledging that a coach needs a coach. Karen Davis, my coach, will lead one of the seven master classes.


Karen Davis

Karen Davis, an accomplished executive coach, author, and speaker, brings a wealth of experience from her 25-year tenure in leadership positions in the business-to-business technology sector.

Recognizing her passion for serving and guiding others through transformation, Karen decided to embark on a new path. She attained the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coaching Federation, cementing her commitment to excellence in her craft.

Aile Hale - Coats

More than any degree or program I have taken, I am passionate about helping people express themselves fully, and for all people to feel the freedom to move through any inner and outer blocks in service to experiencing their true selves & heart-felt goals. Much of the work that I do is for teens, athletes and their families, but I also work with amazing professional coaches (not the athletic kind!), business owners and human beings in general. I’ve always known I wanted to serve people in meaningful, important ways, and living it as a reality is such a wonderful experience.

Mark Howard

Dr Mark Howard is a Mentor, Coach and founder of the Three Principles Institute in Belmont, California, USA. He is recognized as one of the pioneers who first brought the Three Principles into the field of psychology. Since 1982, Dr Howard has been teaching clients, families, business professionals, mental health practitioners, and coaches about these Principles. He has developed a trainer of trainer program in both the US and the UK and in 2008 he wasawarded the “Outstanding Career Service” award by the Santa Clara Psychological Association for bringing the Principles education to Santa Clara County in the United States

Rohini Ross

Rohini Ross, M.A. LMFT, helps couples and individuals rewild themselves back to their natural state of love, peace, and well-being. Rohini co-founded The Rewilders, with her husband, Angus Ross. They offer private intensive retreats for individuals and couples, host The Rewilders’ Membership Community, and facilitate the six-month Rewilders’ Guide Practitioner Training. Before founding The Rewilders, Rohini created and hosted the Soul-Centered Series — a seven-month immersion into the “Principles” understanding with teachers who learned directly from the enlightened theosopher Sydney Banks. Rohini loves supporting others with deep healing as they wake up to their true nature. She is sought out for her specialization in Spiritual Psychology. You can listen to her podcast Rewilding Love where she and Angus help a couple on the brink of divorce.

Cathy Casey

Cathy Casey, BSW, M.A is a highly skilled and experienced trainer of the 3 Principles understanding. Her work ranges from corporate consulting with U.S. blue-chip companies through public sector organisations such as health and hospital programmes, government organisations, and juvenile and adult criminal justice systems.

Cathy is especially known for pioneering the 3 Principles to prison inmates in the California Correctional System, including the infamous San Quentin Prison.

Carolyn Freyer Jones

What you will learn in this course:

Cathy is especially known for pioneering the 3 Principles to prison inmates in the California Correctional System, including the infamous San Quentin Prison.

Social media

Here you learn how to create a dialogue with the audience and be transparent. So people feel you are reachable. We don't want to go out as experts when we post. We want to be vulnerable sometimes and share what we have learned. You will learn about how to create posts that get you in a dialogue with people.

Creating conversations

In this school, you will learn how to create coaching conversations with people, both old and new. When you know this skill, you will be a better business owner and thrive as a coach. Creating clients who will pay you more will be more accessible, and you will have a more profound impact as a coach. The better you become at enrollment, the better you will become as a coach. Enrollment could be the fun part. Many coaches want the clients to come to them and don't want to enroll people or "sell." They hardly make it as a coach in the long run and give up after two or three years. Learning how to enroll and be good at it will increase the numbers in your business significantly

Using email to create clients

Two things are essential in emails. How do you write an email so they read about themselves and not you? That is one. To serve people, somebody must coach them on their lives and business. The other thing is keeping them happy. Writing emails is an art. Get yourself on Carolyn Freyer Jones's emails if you want to learn.

Creating clients offline

how to create clients anywhere without social media and how to use pipelines to effectively unroll people. Be naturally confident and interested in people, and take them from a social setting over to a professional setting. Have you heard the tape "Your Social Self vs Your Professional Self" yet? Send me a message and I send it to you. It's important to care and listen deeply. You will then be good at listening to peoples challenges, and offer your support. I help you taking this situation from social to your professional self.


FB group with full of resources. Audio, books, videos, articles, and podcasts. From Sept 1st I created 5 videos short videos a week on client creation themes that I will post in the FB group. Early sign-ups give you access to a wealth of resources.

Creating Strong Agreements

You will learn how to create strong agreements with your clients and why this is essential for creating a strong practice.

Deep Listening

In addition to the masterclass with Mark Howard you will learn how to deep listen in this program. I will offer the best resources for this theme. Deep listening will also help you listen to the creative process to be more present and engaged in life and with your clients. listening to the intelligence behind life and your inner knowing. Listening is important for your intake conversations.

The Venue this year

In this school, I specialize in teaching coaches how to thrive in their coaching businesses, enabling them to make a lasting impact sustainably.

Having worked as a coach for a decade, I bring a wealth of experience from my 14 years in corporate sales before transitioning to coaching in 2014. The success stories and lessons learned from working with individuals are now the foundation for helping other coaches achieve prosperity.

This school is a unique amalgamation of insights gleaned from the world’s top coaches, including Steve Chandler and his extensive collection of books. My ongoing collaboration with the accomplished coach Karen Davis, as well as my experiences with Pransky & Associates, Rohini & Angus Ross, and Ankush Jain’s AJC Coaching Career school, all contribute to the distinctive approach of this educational institution.

Every participant will receive a 30-minute FB laser session on a specific topic for the whole group to learn. 

Two live gatherings in Portugal in two full weekends. sept 13-15th and march 21-23th 2025

2 individual sessions with me for 60 minutes each.

3 supervision calls where I will coach everyone.

5 videos per week Monday to Friday from Sept 2024 to march 2025. 

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The Venue this year

This marks my third iteration of hosting this school, with live gatherings set against the stunning backdrop of the Algarve coast in Portugal. These immersive experiences will unfold over full weekends in both September 2024 and March 2025.


This is the third round I am doing this school, and the live gatherings will be in beautiful Algarve coast in Portugal. To Full weekends in September 2024 and March 2025.

The price is 55.000,- NOK or 5000 dollars. It is an investment in your ability to thrive financially as a coach and do great work with your clients. In this program, you learn how to stairstep. We will optimize your unique approach to creating lasting relationships and being of service.


True You Prosperous Coach School

Your investiment

$ 5.000

Michael Stenhagen

✅ Private Facebook Group with Weekly content on how to create clients and build your business

✅ 2 individual sessions with me for 60 minutes each

✅ 3 supervision calls where I will coach each of one of you. 

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This is a school that will teach you how to build a financially solid business as a coach. If you are not a coach already, that is okay. Your modality doesn’t matter if you come in as a coach: 3ps, NLP, hypnotherapy, Byron Katie, etc. 

No, there will be no live-streaming option; the only way to attend is in person. 

The masterclasses will be taking place online on Zoom and they will be recorded and shared in our private Facebook Group for the school. You’ll be able to attend live, ask questions and send in questions in advance. There will be 7 masterclasses

Yes. All webinars, masterclasses and public laser sessions will be recorded and anyone who signs up for the school will have access to them once the school is finished to rewatch at their convenience.

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