Quality vs Quantity

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In many salescompanies they have more focus on how many calls a salesperson make in a day instead of the quality of the calls they make. The numbers game seems to be the destiny of the lifes of most sales people everyday. The decisions are often made from the top and down to head of sales, that has been given the task to achieve their budget. This is the hard fact for many of them, and what would happen if businesses tried something new?

The biggest problem about focusing on salespeoples activites first is that is pressuredriven, and they will do anything to reach their monthly budget. For the customer who is innocent in all this, would like to have more time and consider the different aspects of the deal. Instead what happens is that, the salespeople who wants the sale and will do anything to get the sale, learned that if he doesnt, he won’t reach his monthly budget. Whats wrong with this picture?

This is a sale motivated by pressure and where colleagues and bosses are congratulating you for making hugh success. In many cases there are hugh successes in sales, but the problem with this “performance culture model” if you like is that most of them become cameleons. You know that animal that changes colour whenever a new move is made? Most of them that are good with traditional sales, doesn’t even know why they are good or what kind of style they use. If you are a good salesman and you don’t know why, is like a fish who doesn’t know what water is. This is a mistake I want to save you from. I want to invite you to develop your own style from the beginning. This will make you reach your potential and save you from a lot of frustration and working with wrong customers. Especially, you will learn that sales can be fun with your natural energy and enthusiasm for your product.

What if we turned this upside down?
Instead of focusing on how much activity we have, we should be focused on how much quality we have at what we do and projects we do over a period of time. Makes sense? In this way we will experience an increase in higher quality sales that actually gives the company a return on their investments. And over time we will se that quality-focused staff beats the rest in activity. This is because they have practised the routines, so the routines are already in their daily acitivty.

What do I mean by Quality?
By Quality I mean we do the necessary preparations before we call a customer. We find out what kind of a company this is, we visit the website, and we google the person. We look in the CRM (customer relationship management) system, if there is any acitivity done towards this customer before. In some cases you can find out if the customer has bad credits. I think you get the picture. If you practise this and you make sure you have good prospects to call, your sales will increase. I am not talking about overpreparing at all here, I am talking about maximum five minuttes before you call the customer. Another thing, do you know what to say? We will get back to that in my online course.

Every company should teach their co-workers to always focus on the quality first and look at the big picture in the end of the day. I believe it would be less turnover in sales today, if they made sales like this and more fun instead of “pressuresales”. The thing is, when you put a “quality-focused”person next to a “quantity-focused”person, the quality-focused person would not only win in high probability sales statistics, but also win in most activity. How? The quality-focused person is more effective than the quantity-focused person, because of his effective communication skills. This is where the gift comes from preparations comes in the picture. When you are prepared and you know who you are talking to, you can plan from that moment. The thing gets better when you are looking forward to talk with the person on the other end!

This is the way to develop your nature born skills and define your personal style in sales. In this conversation you will never have to qualify as much as when you call a person when you are not prepared. Qualification of a sales call is a total different subject, but the concept is to determine if you have the right chemistry and/or win-win situation. Is always been up to you who you want to work with.

What I am not saying
I am not saying that you should’nt make a call without making quality preparations. The flow is always more important than preparations for me. When you know enough about the prospect, you know enough, and you make the call because you feel good about it. Sometimes you dont know anything about the prospect, and that is good to. The important thing to remember in all this is try something and see what works best for you. If you want to spend 1 minute preparing before you call, then you do that. We make our own routines. Some people use 30 minutes to prepare before a sales call. Others use 30 seconds.

I wish you good luck and all the best, and please comment. Your thoughts are valuable to me and everybody else.

La andre få vite om dette
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