Serving people vs pleasing people

La andre få vite om dette


If you want to help people, serve them, and don’t please them. You want to do your best listening to people and see where you can be useful.  Where you hear a challenge. Be bold and ask if this is something they would like some help with. If they do, you can be useful.


This is especially important when you are having a paid client. They don’t pay you to please them. You help them see the possibilities for them, that they didn’t see before they met you. You be helpful to them. You say it like it is, no more no less.


Be honest with them if you think you can help them in a professional setting. Be honest about your wanting to work with that person. Talk about the homework they will get. Talk about your successful client stories, and talk about how coaching helped you. Talk about your insights and what has been useful to you, and show them before and after stories.


This is so much more important than talking about logistics and benefits. This is serving them. Case studies are also great. Stories of transformation are great. Anything you think can be of help.

La andre få vite om dette
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Serving vs pleasing people 

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