The habits of DO´ers

La andre få vite om dette

hey. Last week I mentioned for you that I was going to blog about the 8 habits of highly successful infopreneurs that crush it and today I am going to talk to you about the habits of DO´ers. These habits are essential in any goal making and are also important when you want to accomplish a lot of small things.

Begin right away
When you do, you will be so happy because do´ers know that half of the job is already done when they start. They know that if they don’t start right away with the task it won’t be done.

Cut down action
when do´ers accomplish a lot of things they write down every big goal in smaller goals in order to get it done, but first it gets created in their mind before they do that. Sometimes they just know what to do first and they go for it.

Begin before you are ready
A lot of people delay to do things because its not perfect yet, so its never going to be done. The habit´s of doers are that they immediately know they have to do it even though they are not ready. They know they will learn a lot from the process anyway so they might as well begin. They begin even though they don’t have the skill yet. As they begin they will acquire that skill set.

Crystal clear goals
In order to get things done you have to have crystal clear goals. If you don’t the results will become very random and you probably won’t get as much done as you could have.

They have a desire to do something, but they don’t necessarily know what that is
When I watch Marie Forleo´s videos a year ago, I knew I was meant for this industry, but I didn’t know what I was going to sell. I didn’t necessarily know what I was going to make, but the stair steps would be visible to me in the dark as I was walking on them.

If the goal makes you sick

If the goal makes you sick, it should motivate you. The goal will probably give you a lot of stretch and that is a good thing. My mentor last year Gry Sinding always go for goals that makes her want to puke. Then she knows that she has to do it.

Dream unreasonable big

Often we think that we have been dreaming big enough, but I am telling you we have so much more to go on. Be crazy on this one and I promise you it will give you huge results. After you have done this you will ask yourself what of these goals are realistic to reach? Then you draw a line between those to and you go for the middle one.

Doer´s work smart, not hard
Yes, doers know that they work smart so they organize their days a lot. They are still late up at night, but they don’t work to work. when you work smart you feel that you are producing a lot and you produce more in less time. That is also something to practise on. So again single tasking is very smart.

What are the things you want to get done today? Please comment and share.

La andre få vite om dette
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