The story of you

La andre få vite om dette

Inspired by things I am reading and it’s interesting to see how much playfulness and joy play a role in creation. I have been falling into the trap from time to time to be in my head, thinking I am going to get much work done, and in reality, my creative process doesn’t show up. When I want it to. My ego wants it to. The ego wants a lot of things😅. Writing a new book for instance in English this time. So you see, love and inspiration, and not being serious at all, plays a big role in giving. We want to give and someone has to receive. Not we want to give to receive. Well, that too. Someone is always giving, and someone is always receiving. That’s the way with the universe. We want to give something uniquely from ourselves in order to receive.

If its appreciation, feedback, love, money, or just the satisfaction of giving. I think people recognize, authenticity, vulnerability, and love. Something that has a lot of heart, like an ad, or someone that goes the extra mile. People also recognize the truth. When they read or hear something that is true to them. I love my work and I love to be in service and help out. Sometimes I get caught by my lower side, which doesn’t want to produce, and watch a series on tv, or do something else which is the easy way. Its always easy to stop, give up and blame the world. Or have victim-thinking, is too late for me, I can’t do what she can do, and having a lot of limiting critical thinking.

For a coach or a restaurant owner that means reaching new people. We want to be on the imaginative side and find solutions and we can’t do that by believing in our lower state of mind. We have a playful side, a joyful side, and a side that is more easygoing. We want the business side of the business to be like the chef who loves cooking. Have a love for everything.

What if this was the fun part is a book about a beautiful friendship, life, and coaching. They amongst many books talk about the playfulness in creating. Business can be fun. For me, creation is about a feeling. It’s personal and has nothing to do with business. I am mentioning this theme of not being in our heads so much and smelling the roses more. Because that’s where we actually create our business. Whether is being an employee or having your own business. Structure, planning, and discipline can often wear us out. It’s not where I want to have my energy coming from. Take action from my heart, and not listen so much to the ideas of my personal mind. Take action even though it is messy.

I use to have so many ideas in my head

This was not usually me:). I use to have so many ideas and write because I needed something out there of value. Now it’s the opposite, I don’t know when love hits me and it is when the love hits me, I am putting something out there. Now it’s more about just writing and seeing if it is resonating, and if it’s not, that is totally cool. I am being comfortable being uncomfortable, which is a dream come true. kind of. This is how I want to live my life, not from discipline, but from my heart. Connecting with people, with my work, with myself, be in service. It’s really natural for me. Really. This is an insight. I always wanted to be in service, even back in the day, being an employee as a sales manager. I believe being in service comes so naturally for most people. Even though they don’t know it. So now I am more in the unknown, which is fantastic. I never know when something is going to come out of me that is inspirational for me. And hopefully for you. Fb lives, courses, writing, audio files, and so on. it’s actually great. I sound like a crazy person, maybe, but love it. This can be you. You can also be living more free from your own conditioning, and recognize within yourself your limitations. See that shift with time, not by fixing ourselves, but by surrendering. to and seeing it as a thought. A thought is never real, is like the sky. The earth doesn’t stop for the skyes. It just lets them pass on their own.

Also in sports and functional fitness, I do this. I listen to my heart and I want it to be playful. When it’s not, I stop. If I can’t compete, I am fine. Listening to my body. I want it to be fun and healthy.

Have an insight and see the deeper nature of life 

So how to get here? have an insight about thought, and where your experience is coming from, and ask me to send you some audio files and videos. Something that will impact you. Or ask for an explorative conversation with me (complimentary on the house).

So back to the title The Story of you. I want to let more people into my story. It’s like I am opening my heart more to the world. Wherever I go. You would want people to get to know you if you want them to. When we do, that’s a part of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s good for people to know about your service as well when you give them a reason to. It’s like with a restaurant, you want to give people a great dining experience. Its starts with giving them a reason to find the restaurant. Or find you. Maybe a friend heard of it, about the food and the restaurant experience. The most important are recommendations for a great unique product. You. As a coach or entrepreneur, you are the product. Being unique is the currency. Being playful having joy, and coming up with new stuff, is the way to connect. Being imaginative is timeless. When we stop imagining ourselves, it’s the day our soul is dead. Start inviting people into your life.



La andre få vite om dette
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