Video testimonial True You Prosperous Coach school 2023 autumn

La andre få vite om dette


It’s one of the best video testimonials I have seen. Magnus Malmstrom is such a dedicated student. the video speaks for itself

If you are a coach who wants to build a sustainable and impactful practice that also makes you prosperous year after year, this is one of the schools for that. I am also investing in a school in London at AJC Coaching Career School and I have my own coach on the journey to make a bigger impact and change the world for the better. Change leaders and entrepreneurs and coaches and all people who are leaders for people. This school will help you become a better self-leader and a leader for others.

It is a hundred percent personal development school. I am teaching the prosperous coach method by Steve Chandler but in my own way. I am teaching things I am learning from Ankush school and ofc my own coach Karen who wrote How to get the most out of coaching. I have a lot of verbal holds, and the school will fill up. It starts the second weekend of September 2024 in Portugal. Let’s have a conversation about it so you can at least make a sound decision. You can apply but it won’t guarantee you a spot. But yeah if you really want to do this, it will probably give you a spot. The group I have each year is always with good energy. We acknowledge each other in my school and you will learn to stair step. Thats a little different from the other schools. I teach you to stair step. I also have 5 coaching videos a week from mon-fre I post in the FB group. Which is also different from how other schools do it. If you are a beginner coach or more experienced this school will take you much further because of the concepts I will teach here. 20 spots. 18 left.



La andre få vite om dette
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