What I will cover in my Mens Immersion

La andre få vite om dette

People probably wonder what I will cover in my Power Mens Immersion Group that starts in august.

You will Come Alive 

Imagining you are coming to life as a Man. Howard Thurmann: “Dont ask what the world needs, ask what make you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”.

Learn the principles behind our human experience and what makes us come alive more day to day. That aliveness will affect how you are being with your colleagues, clients, your relationship, spouse, family and so on. That aliveness is within you already. We are born with it. It is part of our true nature.. That aliveness will make you more creative than you have been in a long time, and it will also make you have more fun in your life.

You will know you are enough. Always been. Always be and that there is nothing wrong with you. And that the only reason it ever looks like there is is a thought. One thought. Your thought. 

You will love yourself and not in this arrogant way, but as a human being knowing who you are more. At least you will like yourself much better than before you went to this 3 month program. When we love ourselves, we tend to become more magnetic. 

Learn ways of being a catalyst everywhere 

Learning that we are the life behind life, that we are Living, and showing that lifeforce to anyone we meet. At the grocery store, gym, travelling, restaurant, and so on. We become more alive, and we dont have to shut down that catalyst because we are being that catalyst people want. Becoming more feeling you are enough, and also at the same time feeling much more innovative than ever.

Finding your superpower 

watch this video of Mara Gleason: Superpowerofthemind

That power as a man is important. Letting the wisdom guide us more and becoming much more clear in day to day life. Having clarity about our confidence. our social intelligence, when to stop working out too much, spending too much on masculine power, having clarity on that. Having clarity about what is important to you.

With divine feminin I mean 

Being ok with your peace of mind, caring, and seeing other people. This will help you in great deal with relationships and understanding people. Especially women. This is perfect if you are in a relationship.

Inner freedom feeling 

Here we will dive into freestanding freedom feelings and states so we live this more of the time. Free to live with financial freedom whether we have a little or a lot of money. The more we live free and genuine, the more it is easier to create things of service people want to buy.

Learn about effortless success 

How can we live and have eksponential learning from our Intuition more of the time. The learnings behind how to not use discipline and strive. We will follow our hearts and go for things although it’s uncomfortable in life. You want to write a book? Learn kitesurfing? What are you scared of? How can we work and live more effortless as in oppose to striving and using force and discipline.

We will dive into flow and the natural process of life 

Sometimes is not a good timing to meet someone, or working with a client. How can we understand the natural process of life and set this more up for success, for you. It will be a lot of coaching and deep conversations with this group.



Even though it is two seminars a day in beautiful Portugal, we will be learning and play the whole day. At meals, at handstand walks, dancing, maybe someone likes to sing or play a music instrument. You will learn things to really put your heart and soul both there, and be natural. Like my ecstatic dance or anything that takes us out of the head more.

The Webinars in august and September (4) will be packed with learning and with last for at least 90 minutes each where we get to know each other. The one on one conversations with me will be approx one hour long. You will feel you are coming to LIVE already before august before we begin.

It is a fb page ready soon, I am making it these days so you will have resources before the Powerful Mens Immersion even begins.

The guest speakers will each talk about how the. mind works in regards to all the topics covered over here. You will literally feel like a new man coming back from Portugal after 3 months.








La andre få vite om dette
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