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La andre få vite om dette

Working from Siargao is pretty amazing. I want to share with you a little bit about my days here. Now my friend Magnus from Sweden is here too. It would be a time in my past when working from Paradise would be difficult for me to focus.
It was difficult when I was working from outside in Bali in 2019. The difficulty was not that people asked me to hang out every day and do different activities. What I found difficult was being present in life and don’t stress. Please be there where you are.


I was in my head a lot and probably stressed more than I thought.  

I would be in my head a lot. I was not focused when I was working, but I was focused when I was on a fun trip. I have grown a lot since then, and everything is easier now. I believe in myself now and my abilities. I didn’t know until Karen, my coach, told me I have discipline. I memorized my document faster than anyone she met. I do CrossFit in the morning 5 to 6 days of a week. I surf occasionally.

Its really nice to get that fitness in before starting my workday. From December to January (mid-January and mid-Dec) I was slowing down my work. I probably needed that time to slow down while I was wildly productive last quarter last year. I had my best year so far in my business. I learned my document process originated from Steve Hardison. Did that with Karen Davis. I am in a different place in myself now after hiring her. I told myself I was more productive in Oslo, but its simply not true. I can be highly committed, productive, and laser-focused anywhere.

Sharing my thoughts with you here:

I also have been taking chances, trusting in the unknown, and knowing everything will work out. Trusting in my abilities to get shit done. What feels like a chance is staying in paradise a bit longer and living beyond my limited beliefs and conditions. I fill up my heart more and listen to my wisdom from moment to moment. Yes, I sometimes wonder why I am not surfing more. Or joining the tourist things here. The simple truth is I am already satisfied. With everything that is going on here. The island of Siargao is so beautiful. So, choose to be productive on weekdays, especially between 10 am and 5 pm, with some clients in the evening. I am happy to do social things almost every day. On the weekends, see the island more.

People ask me if I am half filippino 


I was born in Manila and was adopted to Norway when I was 5. A lot of locals ask me if I am half Filipino here. People home ask me how it is to come back here. It’s wonderful, I say, “I get to be me” like anywhere else. But here, I get to appreciate where I am coming from. everything I accomplished, and be grateful. I feel a sense of gratefulness and humbleness when I am here. They ask me if I am half because I act differently. Some people even think I am from Vietnam. Probably because of my eyes.

It feels good to be here. Even great sometimes. Its a simple life here where you need cash almost everywhere, and a scooter. i feel more like a world citizen more than anything. Not Norwegian, not Filipino, but a world citizen. Yesterday I said yes to Milano throwdown, where I will compete in Crossfit there in April. I am looking forward to that. The plan is to be back in Oslo in February. I will be in London at AJC Coaching Career school’s last gathering in march in London. I am running the Powerful Mens immersion online 3 months from April, which ends up with a retreat in Portugal in June. A lot is going on this year.

new business ventures 

I will partner up with my friend Magnus also on a business, where I sometimes need to be in Oslo, too. The world is open for business. I do have a few spots for my men’s group and my coaching school this year.

Yes, my insight regarding discipline is really about being committed. Doing things that also is difficult. Reach out to people and re-engage with the material. Life in Asia is pretty amazing, I must say. If I could live here? Good question. I have been reflecting a little, and I probably need several homes. Norway, Portugal, and Siargo. Some friends say I should try Ibiza also.

That was a small travel update. I try to write whenever I have an insight to share. I believe we can live life to the fullest, be committed to our work, and get everything we need done. We need to be clear about what we want and make space for it.


Having an extraordinary coach in my corner makes the difference 

I have an amazing coach I am working with in my corner Karen Davis. We attracted each other somehow. I really think incredible things will happen with her helping me getting the best out of me. Thats why i am investing myself so I can grow and my clients can too.

La andre få vite om dette
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